Friday, July 07, 2006

Baby Martin News

I know, the suspense has everyone walking on pins and needles. Emily was due on Tuesday. We had a doctor's appointment this morning. She still has not progressed very much (dilated 3 cm; 10 cm is when you are ready to give birth). So, we scheduled an induction for Tuesday morning at 7:00 am. This means the end is in sight. Emily would prefer not to have to induce, so if you want to pray that Baby Martin comes before Tuesday I am sure she would appreciate it.


At 11:18 AM , Blogger r a i n e r said...

You got my prayers. Interesting enough, another Aaron, and pastor here in NYC, Aaron Coe of the Gallery Church, is expecting a child (1st) & his wife is past due and they needed to induce today, but the hospitals are so backed up that they are having to wait until Tuesday.


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