Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Did You Know?

Ever wonder where the beautiful pink color comes from in your strawberry Yoplait yogurt? Artificial coloring, right? Well, yes, but what exactly is artificial coloring? When it comes to the pink/red in yogurt, the artificial coloring is actually crushed beetles - specifically female cochineal beetles and their eggs. I bet you won't find "crushed beetles" listed on the ingredients. I knew there was a reason I don't eat yogurt, besides the fact that you are deliberately putting live bacteria in your mouth when you eat it! And I think I may be done eating farm-raised salmon as well. Farm-raised salmon is pink because the farmers make it pink with chemicals. The reason salmon straight from nature is pink is because it feeds on shrimp and other food sources that give it its pink hue. How's that for some gross facts for the day?


At 11:23 AM , Blogger Bluesman said...

...and I was just about to eat farm-raised salmon and strawberry yogurt for lunch.

At 2:28 PM , Blogger Aaron said...

Someone actually did eat the exact yogurt I referenced today for lunch. Poor soul.

At 12:57 PM , Blogger Bluesman said...

I'll still eat it.


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