Monday, February 26, 2007

30 Hour Famine pics

These are a few of my favorite pics from this weekend's 30 Hour Famine (World Vision).

A 30 hour food fast, community service, the liminal experience of the TRIBE game, and challenging Famine Sunday message (To Whom Am I A Neighbor? - Luke 10:25-37). The 30 Hour famine was not only fun, but it was a worthy investment of time by our students (and myself). I pray that God uses the experience of hunger, not only to raise our awareness of social injustice in the world, but to increase our hunger for God. As I believe Kendra put it while sharing a testimony in an adult Sunday school class, "I realized as I was fasting 30 hours from food that sometimes I go 30 hours without talking to God or spending time in His Word. I want to hunger and thirst for Jesus more as a result of this experience." Me too, Kendra. Me too.


At 3:46 PM , Blogger Michelle said...

I thought it was really powerful. I've been a lot more thankful for each meal I have eaten sense the famine. I'm also really attached to the kid I was during the TRIBE game. Babra is only five and she has already been through so much. Poor baby. It feels like I have a friend in Uganda now and makes the purpose of the famine so much more purposeful. For all the "Babra"s in the world. For their survival and salvation.


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