Monday, August 06, 2007

Want To Have Sex? Find A Christian.

Provocative title? Got your attention, didn't it?

Michael Gershon discusses the startling find that evangelical Protestant teens begin having sex (on the average) halfway through their 16th year, and this this is actually sooner than mainline Protestants (non-evangelical) and secular humanists.

Gene Veith suspects that one reason for a higher percentage of sexual activity among evangelical teens is that the Law alone (meaning apart from grace) promotes rebellion (this is a Scriptural assumption and Veith is probably correct to some degree). He even suggests that Christian teens should marry at a younger age if their sexual desires are out of control since this is what Scripture prescribes (1Cor 7:9).

I'm not sure that marrying younger is the solution, and I also don't think that the Law promoting rebellion is the only reason that evangelical teens are having sex sooner than other teenage segments of the population. Other factors would include: (1) relationship with their fathers; (2) spiritual leadership in the home; (3) body image; and (4) influence of media.

What do you think?


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