Monday, September 18, 2006

The Wisdom of Hitler?

Last Thursday the German police arrested Katharina Plett, mother of twelve. Want to guess why they arrested her? For homeschooling ( I'm not up-to-date on the status or acceptance of homeschooling around the globe, but what I found more shocking than a mother of twelve being arrested for homeschooling is the basis for the arrest in the first place. Homeschooling was declared illegal in Germany in Hitler! It would be interesting to probe into the reasoning behind the ban in 1938, but one would be inclined to assume that Hitler banned homeschooling in an effort to further indoctrinate young Germans with his propoganda. Unless there is some kind of measurable proof that indicates scholastic deficiences among home-educated children, the German government should move to overturn the ban of the maniacal dictator. What kind of world are we living in when a country still allows itself to be influenced by the legislation of a suspected mentally-ill mass murderer?


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