Friday, March 30, 2007

Ecclesiastes 9

In Ecclesiates 9 the Qoheleth ("Preacher") seems to be saying that if we knew the day of our death we would measure our days more carefully. Isn't this so true? How often do we scandalously waste our days because we live as if death is escapable? We fail to enjoy and appropriate expression to friends and lovers because we put off to another day what we should do today. We hurriedly inhale our food and drink, leaving little opportunity to savor the gift God has given to us in this provision, because we live in the world of demands and obligations of James 5, where we proclaim that we will go to this city and that city to make a profit without acknowledging that it is God who holds our lives in our hands. We are called, by God, to enjoy life because death stalks us all, and yet far too often we live as though, in our might, we will outrun the hunter who hunts us. This is a foolish deception. If you are interested come check out what else the Qoheleth has to say to us this Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. in the college class.


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