Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One Local Church / One Global Mission

The holidays tend to "bog" down progress in the blog world, so I apologize for the lengthy absence.

As our church begins to think more intentionally and move more purposefully towards adopting and unreached people group, I think the elephant in the room is always, "What kind of difference can one local church make? Isn't this what is so great about the Cooperative Program, bringing our resources together to make a bigger kingdom splash on the global front?"

I find this article about Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. To be sure, Bellevue isn't your typical local church. It has over 30,000 members. Nonetheless, it is an example of how one local congregation can make a difference in the lives of people on the other side of the world. Check out the whole article (as a side note, BBC gives 1/4 of its annual $22 million budget to missions)


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