Friday, January 18, 2008

"Why Go Back To the Founders..."

Timmy Brister has an excellent response to Frank Page's comments that I posted about yesterday. Brister shows his respect for Frank Page while at the same time pointing out that the resurgence of reformed thinking in the SBC isn't necessarily something to be feared.

Apparently, what Dr. Page does not understand, what the Arbuckle Baptist Association does not understand, what the itinerant evangelists do not understand, is that the movement taking place today is nothing less than a sweeping work of God’s Spirit to revive a passion for the gospel that compels us to believe it passionately, preach it fully, share it faithfully, and defend it lovingly. Young Calvinists in the SBC are not expecting you to agree with Calvinism or be a “five-point Calvinist.” We are not even asking you to go back and appreciate your Baptist history and what God did through the Founders of the SBC. But what we (if I can speak for the younger generation) are asking is to cease misrepresenting the truth and attempting to rewrite history.

You can check out the entire response above.


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