Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Harris Gets "Uncomfortable"

Josh Harris (Pastor of Covenant Life Church and author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Stop Dating the Church shares his views about the importance of the local church as the truest picture and means of the gospel shaping the lives of Jesus' disciples, the damage done to the gospel when younger evangelicals grumble about the blemishes of the local church, and his personal struggles with personal evangelism.


At 1:46 PM , Blogger Michelle said...

It's like how you said a lot of us are more committed to our cell phone companies than to our church.
I think the local church is one of the most important key to our survivals as Christians. We need each other. That's hard to do all the time and to know how that looks but it's definitely worth working for.

At 5:43 PM , Anonymous Lisa said...

I think he had a lot of good answers to the questions that were asked and I love what he said about letting people stumble, if they're going to stumble, over the fact that they're sinners in need of God's mercy instead of over politics...good post.


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