Thursday, October 18, 2007

Planned Parenthood's Masquerade

In doing some research about vaccinations and aborted fetal tissue I came across the following from Planned Parenthood in Amarillo, Texas.

A woman's choice to donate to medical research tissue that she has aborted begins and ends with her. Federal and state laws have been specifically written to ensure that her choice to donate tissue from her abortion to medical research is made in an informed and ethical manner. First, she is legally required to give her written consent to have an abortion. Only after she has consented to have an abortion can she provide the necessary written consent to donate the fetal tissue. She cannot be paid for the donation. She cannot know or designate the recipient (USCA, 1988; USCA, 1993).

Knowing she can donate her aborted fetus to potentially lifesaving medical research may help a woman turn an unintended pregnancy about which she may feel a sense of loss into a social good. The choice to donate fetal tissue often gives solace to women who may need to end their pregnancies (Anderson et al., 1994; Martin, 1993).

Why would women feel a sense of loss if they are doing nothing more than removing "tissue" from their uterus, in the same way that one might remove an unwanted or "unintended" mole? The semantics and linguistic hoops that pro-choice men and women have to jump through reveals the sinister, wicked motives behind abortion. We live in a culture where we advocate death as long as it preserves our own right to comfort, convenience and life.

Scripture teaches us that Satan disguises himself as an angel of life (2Cor 11:14). No where is this twisted perceptive of reality more clearly revealed than through the posturing of Planned Parenthood in their efforts to validate this genocide against the unborn by championing the potential lifesaving benefits of embryonic stem-cell research.

The picture above is what our baby (11 weeks today) looks like right now.


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