Monday, May 07, 2007

Tug of War

This is an intriguing article in the latest edition of World Magazine about the fight for the heart and allegiance of moderate Muslims in the West. At the center of this firestorm is the Muslim population in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area (home of roughly 150,000 Muslims). There is a political polarization taking place within our culture regarding religion. While more and more policies and legislation is being introduced advocating the exclusion of any expression of Christianity in the public sector, there is also an alarming capitulation toward Islam in political, educational and social circles. Institutions and businesses are making alarming concessions to Muslim employees and students that they would never make for Christian employees and students. And there are some moderate voices within the Muslim community that believe there is a sinister agenda within the Muslim campaign in the Twin Cities. The goal is "just one front in a national movement to advance Shariah (Quran-based) law under cover of civil-right's protections". The ultimate end-game: to create a world of Muslims versus Christians (to understand this you must accept the fact that many Muslims believe the West to be "Christian" even though Western Christians recognize that there is very little that is "Christian" about America today). Check out the article and share your thoughts.


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