Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hebrews 13:17 and the Western Mega-church

I found an excellent post about the perspective that many non-Western Christian pastors and leaders have on the state of mega-church in the West. While we have a multitude of churches that boast memberships of over 20,000, and I serve in a convention that boasts of over 16 million, most of these churches, as well as our convention, can only account for approximately 1/3 of their membership on any given Sunday. If God's Word is true, countless pastors will be held accountable by God for the souls of their membership and have no idea where almost 2/3 of those people even are! Many non-Western Christian leaders weep over the fact that we don't know where our members are and at how little it costs to follow Jesus in America. I encourage you to read the post about unregenerate church membership in its entirety.


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