Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wisdom from my Wife

This past Saturday I was the minister at the wedding of Barry and Lauren Carpenter

(Lauren pictured here with Emeline who was a flower girl). It was a beautiful wedding, and I say this with all humility, it was very God-centered and worshipful. Jesus was on center-stage! As Emily and I were talking on the way home I shared with her that I really found pleasure in serving in such a pastoral role but wondered if that is a sign of calling (pastoral calling) or pride (wanting to serve in this capacity more and more because I like leading people into Jesus presence in this way). Not much was said in the moment but the next day Emily said, "I think it's calling when you find joy in doing in even when no one notices or gives your acclaim for your leadership." This seems to me to be wise counsel. For those who serves as pastors - whether it be senior pastors or associate pastors - why do you do what you do? Is your service, planning and preparation motivated by the critical acclaim and kind-hearted compliments for the way you lead? Or do you serve simply out of a desire to honor Jesus, and do so with no regard for whether or not people "like" how you've led?


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Good thoughts.


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